How to make a secure conference call

Do not allow them to spy on your conference calls

Secure conference call is the first thing which should go through your mind when somebody asks you to organize a conference call. The reason why it is important to use a secure conference call is the fact that various government agencies and companies are building devices and software which are capable of spying on conference calls.

The NSA has made public that they do spy on peope that are having a conference call.

It is wise to use a secure conference call as it will provide you the following certainties:

  • I know that I am talking to the person I want to talk to
  • I know that i can not be interupted during my secure conference call
  • I know that not one single person or program is able to record and listen to my secure conference call

There are various programs which are being provided on the internet. They all claim that they provide a secure way to make a conference call. The true fact is, that companies that have a eye on profit will sell their information to agencies if you want it or not. Some will say that they will not and some will simply claim that they were forced.

If you ask me, I would advice you to create your own and simple program which allows you to have a secure conference call. Share this program to who you trust and change the code once in a while. This will guarentee you that not a single person will be able to listen to your secure conference call.