Mail Server report hoax

Beware of the ‘Mail Server report’ Facebook hoax that is currently circulating. It is only spreading fear, and some of it might be true, but that is a different story.

The hoax states that everyone that is using internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL may receive an email with the title ‘Mail Server Report’, this email is claimed to contain malicious attachments, and for that reason it should not be opened.

The hoax part of this message is that Microsoft will never publish such a message without providing background details, while the scam claims that Microsoft did issue such a warning.

The Facebook hoax message:

Extremely URGENT – PLEASE READ TELL EVERYONE ON Anyone-using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on.. This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail titled ‘Mail Server Report’ If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: ‘It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.’ Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC, And the person who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password and possibly your bank account details. This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon.. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the antivirus softwares are not capable of destroying it yet. The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself ‘life owner’.. PLEASE SEND A COPY OF THIS E-MAIL TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS, And ask them to PASS IT ON IMMEDIATELY

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