Magic Sarap banned in USA scam

Beware of the “Magic Sarap banned” scam which is currently circulating on Facebook. The scam claims that the food product “Magic Sarap” has been banned from stores in the USA as it would contain harmful ingredients.

We from Cyberwarzone are no food or nutrition experts, but we can tell you that the website which is sharing this information is malicious and is loaded with malicious advertisements.

  • If you have gained this information from the internet, then you can skip the information you learned about the Magic Sarap product.
  • If you see the product in your store, then you can simply purchase it, just verify that you are purchasing a real Magic Sarap product. Fake Magic Sarap products are being sold.

The malicious websites which claim that Magic Sarap has been banned, also claim that the unaware internet users need to verify that they are of a certain age before they can view the content. This method is often used by cybercriminals and scammers to collect personal information from their victims.

Please stay aware and do not click on malicious or weird looking links or stories on the internet.

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