LuminosityLink RAT

The ‘LuminosityLink Remote Administration Tool’ allows the operator to fully dominate an infected device. LuminosityLink is just one of the various remote administration tools which are being used by cyber criminals and hackers. Tools like DarkComet, NanoCore, Bladabindi and Babylon provide the operators the freedom to command and control various infected devices with just a couple of clicks.

LuminosityLink 4 LuminosityLink 3 LuminosityLink 2 LuminosityLink 1 LuminosityLink

Once you do a search for ‘LuminosityLink download’, you will see that various sources will claim that they have a cracked version of the LuminosityLink RAT. The chance is very high that the cracked LuminosityLink shares are infected and it would be very foolish to download the LuminosityLink RAT from an untrusted source.

LuminosityLink is being sold on various hacking forums and the prices and services which are attached to the LuminosityLink resellers can vary. Some of the LuminosityLink resellers claim that they will guide the buyer to fully setup a working LuminosityLink environment.

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