I Love You malware 2014 report

The ‘I love You malware’ seems to be back and it is seems that she is here to stay. This time the ‘I love you malware’ is loaded with the Vobfus-worm als known as the ChangeUp malware. The new ‘I love you malware’ malware was first reported in 2012 and it has since then been spreading through the Autorun feature in Windows.

The ‘I love you malware’ creates multiple execution files and saves it on the infected USB drives, Network shares. The names which have been found to be used are:

  • Password.exe
  • Secret.exe
  • Sexy.exe

Once the ‘I love you malware’ has infected the machine it will provide the executionable files a pictogram which will make them look like Folders instead of executables. The new version of the malware uses a language pack which allows the malware to be spreaded on 19 different language environments. The most common languages which are used by the ‘I love you malware’ are Arabic, Hungarian, Chinese, Slovak, Thai, Vietnamese, English and Dutch.

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