LogMeIn Pro malware campaign

Various users have received an e-mail with the subject “LogMeIn Pro payment has been processed!” the chance is very high that they have received an malicious email from cybercriminals which are trying to gain control by infecting the device of the target with malicious attachments.

LogMeIn Pro malware campaign

The “LogMeIn Pro payment has been processed!” email claims that the creditcard of the target has been charged after the target had successfully bought an LogMeIn Pro license which would allow him to operate up to 25 computers. The malicious email also states that 999 dollar has been paid for the LogMeIn Pro license.

The cybercriminals instruct the target to open the attachments to view the receipt of the LogMeIn Pro license.

The malicious attachments contain macro’s (scripts) which would download malware on the device once opened.

If you do business with LogMeIn, and you have received an similar email. Then make sure that you give them a call by using the official LogMeIn contact page.

You can view the Malicious “LogMeIn Pro payment has been processed!” email below:

Subject: Your LogMeIn Pro payment has been processed!

Dear client,

Thank you for purchasing our yearly plan for LogMeIn Pro on 25 computers. Your credit card has been successfully charged.

Date : 25/2/2015

Amount : $999 ( you saved $749.75)

The transaction details can be found in the attached receipt.

Your computers will be automatically upgraded the next time you sign in.

Thank you for choosing LogMeIn!

Attachment name: ‘logmein_pro_receipt.xls’ or ‘logmein_pro_receipt.doc’

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