How can I Login to 192.168.l.l IP Address ?

It’s easy as 1.2.3 ! You only need to have your credentials (username & password) ready and you’re done !

First you need to know your router address, how to setup ip address, if you’re not sure you can find your router’s IP on our huge database.
Once you’ve got your IP, type (or your own router’s IP) in your browser’s address bar and click enter.
Enter your username & password to login. If you forget or don’t know your credentials, just find them in the huge list below…

If you want to master all your router settings, feel free to read our How to… with your router guides, they will explain you all the basics and much more, like how to reset your router, how to recover your default password or how to find your router’s IP address with ease… Everything is well explained with details. You will be ready to go in a few minutes !

Full List of Username and Password (Default Router)

As we are covering up ALL routers brands in the world, this list is damn huge ! There are more than 1,000 different routers in our list, so just enter the name of the brand or the model and we’ll find it for you ! If you want to see the FULL default routers password list, just click the link and enjoy !

I can’t login to the

Be sure to enter this address directly in your browser’s bar (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, Explorer…). If it still does not work there are some well known issues: