Lloyds Bank Phishing attacks demand password

During my daily search on the web, I stumbled upon a couple of Lloyds Bank Phishing pages, and I thought it would be good if I shared some information about those phishing pages, so that you will detect them easier. This post is not so technical, and it is more about the mindset and the practice these cyber criminals use to phish potential Lloyd bank users.

Fake Lloyds bank page

In most cases, the victim will get an SMS message or an email, stating that they need to do something with their Lloyd bank account.

This can be literally anything:

  • Update password
  • Login for secure message
  • Login for renewal

The messages sent towards the victims are always trying to get the victim to take some action. This can be clicking on links, or providing information which the official bank already should have. So, one of the pages, that caught my eyes, is the following fake Lloyd bank page.

Fake Lloyd Bank phishing page

As you can see in the picture, the cyber criminals have tried to utilize the template of Lloyd bank. They copied the logo, they copied the colors and they even mentioned the new registration button. All of this is fake. All of the information left on the site, will be sent towards the cyber criminals behind it.

Another Lloyd Banking phishing page

Now that we have seen how the pages look like, it is actually pretty honest to say that it can be hard to detect the fake pages while you are doing work, and being very active. It is also for that reason, that I have some tips for you which you can utilize on a daily basis.

Anti-phishing tips

Well, first of all, you have to make sure that you always remain vigilant. Your bank will never ask you for login credentials, so never provide a password or any type of login credential via the web or phone. Your credentials are yours. If by any chance you do get a message or mail from your bank, then simply call the official bank number and validate if they have requested any information from you. This will help you to protect yourself against potential Lloyd Banking phishing attacks.

Some common tips:

  • Always have your anti-virus installed and running
  • Always check the URL
  • Always ask for more information if you are not certain

The Lloyds bank has a complete section against Fraud, and you can find it on their official website.

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