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Lizard Squad, the two headed lizard has had its best time

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Swatting is no fun, and I have to agree with Brian Krebs on the fact that swatting is simply an attempt to murder someone. The techniques and decisions which are used and made by government enforcement team are always focused on the security of the team which is performing the SWAT bust. The chance is very high that deadly force will be used if the targets do not comply or understand the commands which are given by the SWAT team.

Now various reports are being published which claim that members of the Lizard Squad are being arrested – the reports allow me to make me the next statement towards Lizard Squad:

Lizard Squad, they (the government) are cutting down your natural environment and you will be forced in an unwanted action and the fact that you went commercial, will be your downfall.

The report which has been published by Brian Krebs shows an timeline of the hackers which are the Lizard Squad. The report states that Lizard Squad first named themselves the “ISISGANG” which again shows that they are just after fame. The ISISGANG had performed various calls which resulted in SWATTING attacks in universities and schools in the United States.

Via Brian Krebs
Via Brian Krebs – Lizard Squad tickets of clients

The Lizard Squad had published a tool on the internet which allowed ‘payers’ to perform denial of service attacks on designated targets. The Lizard Squad claimed that they own a network which is capable of performing 600GPs attacks but the responses of the Lizard Squad clients show that the number of attacks is highly overrated. In short, the Lizard Squad also failed to publish a working commercial product.

So, if you are unable to build things, destroy things right?

The Lizard Squad is currently destroying the following:

  • Their own future
  • Nothing else.

Why is the Lizard Squad two headed

The Lizard Squad has been using script kiddies to act like cyber mules. It are these script kiddies which are currently being arrested by various government agencies. The script kiddies are the first head, then we have the mind behind Lizard Squad, that is the second head.

Now what will the mind do without its minions?

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