Lizard Squad releases LizardStresser DDoS service

The Lizard Squad seems to be monitizing their brand and their name. I am saying this because the Lizard Squad has developed an environment which allows users/visitors to buy a DDoS attack. The DDoS attacks can be bought from the public available domain and the payments can be performed via Bitcoin payments.

ddos capacity lizardstresser

The environment seems to be a full operational DDoS environment. The Lizard Squad claims that the capacity of the service is currently at a average of 100-125Gbps and that their total networks can handle 600Gbps.

purchase page lizardstresser

The authors of the website have left their “nicknames” on the domain:


Which is the owner and founder of the environment


Is the co-owner of the domain

Mike Virus

He is the current “trail-admin” on the LizardStresser tool

Brian Krebs

Brain Krebs seems to be doing a great job, the cybercriminals are aware of him and they do not like him. In the picture below you will be able to see how the Lizard Squad has left a personal message for Brian Krebs.

login page lizardstresserThe Lizard Squad is trying to get their clients via the referral system which has been made available on the LizardStresser environment. The Lizard Squad claims that they will pay an amount of money for each client that is added via the referral system.

referral system page lizardstresser

Ticket system

There is also a ticket system available on the LizardStresser site. This ticket system can be used to get in touch with the Lizard Squad LizardStresser operators. But hey, you can also use this Ticket system when Lizard Squad is performing an attack on PSN for example. You can create a ticket, and ask them to stop the attacks “sarcasm off”.

tickets page lizardstresser

Below you are able to see the Bitcoin payment page

bitcoin page lizardstresser


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