List of Amazing YouTube channels that teach programming languages

We have listed down some great YouTube channels that can help you forward in your quest of learning programming languages.

The YouTube channels discuss all types of programming languages.

Languages like C++, HTML, PHP, Python, Java are just a couple of examples.

The great thing about this is the fact that you can learn new stuff simply by watching a Youtube video.

The Youtube channels that teach programming languages:

  1. Social Network with PHP
  2. PHP Authentication System
  3. PHP Pagination – YouTube
  4. HTML5 Canvas Drawing App
  5. Computer Game Development Tutorial
  6. Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorials Playlist
  7. PHP Tutorials Playlist
  8. Python Programming Tutorials
  9. C Programming Tutorials
  10. C# Beginners Tutorials Playlist
  11. C++ Programming Tutorials
  12. C++ Programming Tutorials Playlist
  13. Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials
  14. Android Application Development Tutorials
  15. JavaScript Tutorials Playlist
  16. Platform Game Development w/ Construct 2 Playlist
  17. Physics Puzzle Game Development w/ Construct 2 Playlist
  18. C Programming Tutorials
  19. Java Game Development with Slick Playlist
  20. R Programming Tutorials Playlist
  21. Python GUI with Tkinter Playlist
  22. Responsive Web Design Playlist
  23. Python 3.4 Programming Tutorials
  24. Pygame (Python Game Development) Playlist
  25. js Tutorials for Beginners
  26. MongoDB for Beginners Tutorials
  27. Bootstrap Tutorials for Beginners Playlist
  28. Less CSS Tutorials for Beginners Playlist
  29. Grunt JS Tutorials for Beginners Playlist
  30. Sass & SCSS Tutorial for Beginners Playlist
  31. WiFi Wireless Security Tutorials Playlist
  32. Nmap Tutorials for Beginners
  33. Metasploit for Network Security Tutorials
  34. Python Website Scanner Tutorials
  35. Wireshark Tutorials for Beginners Playlist
  36. Social Network in PHP/MySQL
  37. AJAX with PHP Tutorials
  38. SEO Tutorials 2015
  39. E-Commerce website in PHP
  40. Paypal Integration in PHP
  41. Advance CMS in PHP & MySQL
  42. PHP CMS & Website with Admin Panel
  43. jQuery Tutorials
  44. HTML Tutorials – YouTube
  45. WordPress Tutorials
  46. PHP Tutorials – YouTube
  47. PHP Registration form (Complete)
  48. JavaScript Tutorials
  49. CSS3 Tutorials – YouTube
  50. Intermediate Meteor
  51. Website Performance Tutorials
  52. How To Make Your First Website
  53. PostCSS Tutorials
  54. Drupal Theming – Adaptive Theme
  55. Polymer 1.0 Tutorials
  56. AngularJS For Everyone
  57. Magento Community Tutorials
  58. Drupal 7 Tutorials

We hope that you can use this list in your advantage. Cheers.

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