Linker Squad leaks 1.9 million customers accounts from TF1 Magazine

A French magazine website TF1 has been hacked by the Linker Squad. This French hacking team has gained access to the database of the TF1 Magazine which holds 1.9 million customer records. The Linker Squad seems to be on a holy cyber mission.

They claim in a interview with that their goal is to let people understand that they could be the victim of hacking and that they need to keep that in mind.

The Linker Squad had gained access by hacking a third party service, this was confirmed by the TF1 Technical Director. The Linker Squad is facing up to 5 years in prison and a 350 000 fine if they are caught in France. There is currently no information about the authors behind the Linker Squad.

The Linker Squad has created a Twitter account which they use to tweet their messages to the Twitter community.

You can find their twitter account here:

The Linker Squad could use the leaked customers accounts to gain access to personal webmail environments of the victims. This could lead to a very disturbing event in the coming months.

Linker Squad database picture
Linker Squad leaks picture of records


The TF1 team claimed that they had encrypted the database information, but the Linker Squad claims that they are capable of viewing the encrypted records.

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