LinkedIn Cyber Security Tips

In association with all the technological advances, now is a great time to get ahead of the game and aim to do what is necessary in order to remain cyber safe for you as an individual or as a business. Unfortunately there are no guarantees in place to avoid cyber criminals, but there are definitely methods you can conduct to decrease these risks. Below are 5 important precautions you can use to maximize cyber security when you are online.

Use Unique Passwords

You can use 1Password to store as well as generate all your passwords even the complex and long ones. It is also advisable to update your passwords on a regular basis. You can also use 1Password in order to run “Security Audit” that will be able to advise you on which of your passwords have become old. It is advisable to avoid variations, names or dictionary words for your passwords.


You should turn this on especially if you have more than one social media account and you do not have an additional cell phone number. For example: Twitter will only allow you to make use of one unique cell-phone number of each of the accounts that you own. It is advisable to use Google Voice.2FA as it really is worth the effort it takes to set up.

Team Password Access

You should never even think about sharing one of your passwords. If you happen to manage a team whereby several individuals’ manage a single account, make use of team-management tools that will provide each person with their own password and login. One of these tools is known as TweetDeck and offers free and easy methods to remove and add administrators. Never underestimate the types of damage that disgruntled employees can cause.

Social Media Security

Even when you have superior virus software in place, it does not protect you from being hacked or catching a virus. This is the same when it comes to your customers and you wouldn’t want to send them viruses.


Avoid clicking on the URLs that are derived from un-trusted or unknown sources. If possible if need be ask this sender for the information required to Google this page for yourself.


You can protect your assets and your brand by investing in solutions such as ZeroFox or LookingGlass Cyveillance that offers customized and continuous threat alerts, monitoring, emergency-response paths and blocking malicious content suggest HR software firm Neocase.

Always stay alert when it comes to security threats that have the ability to damage your brand or cost you money.

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