LeoCoin: The perfect guide for LeoCoin newbies

LeoCoin is a cryptocurrency which can be used to pay for products or services in stores or internet market places. The LeoCoin cryptocurrency is a product of the WelcomeToLeo company. The WelcomeToLeo company is led by Dan Andersson and his Global Marketing Director, Atif Kamran.


This is Dan Andersson


This is Atif Kamran



The WelcomeToLeo company founder, decided that it was a good moment to bring a new type of currency to the world, so he invented the “Leocoin” cryptocurrency. The LeoCoin website looks good, and it gives a good introduction on what “LeoCoin” is, but it stops when users would like to join the LeoCoin cryptocurrency market.

This is where we decided to step in.

LeoCoin: Wallet

The LeoCoin website provides an tool which automatically acts like your wallet.

leocoin wallet213

The LeoCoin wallet allows you to send and receive payments within a couple of clicks and it allows you to keep track of your transactions, it also includes a Address Book.

LeoCoin Wallet Cyberwarzone

LeoCoin: Creating an account

If you want to use the LeoCoin service, then it is highly needed that you create an account via the official website. The official website allows you to create an account, so you can keep track of your miners.

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