Learn how to hire a hacker

If you want to hire a hacker, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss everything you need to know before you hire a hacker. We will discuss why you want to hire a hacker, the costs, where to find them, and what questions you should ask.

Why you want to hire a hacker

Every organization has one or more vulnerabilities in the security of it’s IT or software, whether these are known or not. And sooner or later these weak spots will be discovered. By malicious parties, for example, something you should not, of course, want. Can this be prevented? To a certain extent, but it is in any case possible to prevent the risk of exploiting weak spots.

This is the part where the hacker comes in. The security professional, can assist you in getting back to control of your environments. The hacker can audit your environment, and provide you a detailed report on where your weak spots are and which actions need to be taken. The hacker can also assist you in fixing the found issues.

Allow hackers to investigate your systems in a realistic way. This gives you a clear insight into the risks and vulnerabilities in your organization’s systems.

Hiring an experienced hackers results in improvements that make your systems and organization safer and reduce the chance of allowing cybercriminals to get away with valuables.

The specialists will take care of your systems. Creativity and knowledge plays an essential role in finding vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

You do not want to hire these hackers

You do not want to hire these hackers to hack a Facebook account for you. First that is highly illegal as the account is owned by Facebook, and there are other ways to gain access to Facebook accounts, and that is by following the legal path.

Yes, the same applies for:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • And any other account / website that is not hosted on your own hardware or legally owned by you

The costs of hiring a hacker

There are various hackers and they all ask different prices. Some hackers might just take up the challenge for fun, while others will ask for some beer and of course you have the ones that want to get paid.

But in the most cases, you can do a calculation:

How badly do you want it
How quick should it happen 
What quality do you expect
Will you need further assistance
How common is your challenge
Will the hacker have to use licensed tools?
PRICE + PROFIT for the hacker == FINAL PRICE

Most of the companies that provide hacking services, will try to deliver in one week, and on an average, they will ask 8000 dollars for the services provided by the hacker.

Where to find good hackers

The web can be a very dangerous place if you do not know what to search for. So in this section I will break it down.

  • If you want to know if your (digital) infrastructures has holes in them, ask for an audit from a company that provides penetration testing services.
  • If you want to know if the holes in your (digital) infrastructure can be used, ask for a penetration test from a company that provides penetration testing services.

So the keywords you will need to use to find good hackers are, and please, include them in your Google search:

  • penetration testing services
  • it security audit
  • hire ethical hacker

What questions do you ask a hacker

There are a lot of companies that provide auditing services and hackers, and the last thing you want, is somebody that just presses on a single button, prints out a report, and asks for money.

To make sure that you will not get in that case, we have noted down 10 questions you can ask the hacker face to face or company before you actually hire a hacker:

  1. How will the audit be performed?
    This will give insight on how the hacker will audit your infrastructure
  2. How much of the audit is automated?
    Automation is great, this can save a lot of time.
  3. How much of the audit is manual?
    This is important, as not everything should be automated, you demand experience and guidance from the hacker.
  4. Do they need an internet connection for the audit?
    This is a sneaky one. Ask if the audit can be performed without having an internet connection. This means that it will be more difficult for the hacker to simply Google, and it reduces the usage of cloud-based tools. Of course, it also makes it harder for the hacker to deliver quality as access to information is limited.
  5. Ask if they will also help in implementing the fixes
  6. Provide them the scope of the hack, and ask them for their feedback
    The chance is there that you might have missed some parts.
  7. Ask if they wear hoodies, gloves and sunglasses while working
    Laugh to the hacker in the t-shirt hoodie or suit.
  8. Ask how many years of experience the hacker has
    This can influence the price.
  9. Ask if they had similar cases
    If they have dealt with similar cases, they can explain a bit more about the issues you expect or might face.
  10. Ask what information they need from you before they can start working
    It is important for you to know what information you need to share with them. This gives you time to prepare, and it also gives an idea of how they will operate.

Are cybercriminals, hackers?

Hacking is not cybercrime

The answer to this is no, hackers do good, they break stuff, so they can make it better, while cybercriminals have simply financial goals, and they do not care what they break or who they harm. Good hackers do care. Hackers are good for the society.

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