[LEAKED TAPE] Tiny leaves T.I so he leaked this tape!

Another malicious scheme!

It seems that rappers are having a rough time. This time it is T.I. which is having problems with keeping his video secured.

Tiny has left TI, and for that reason – he has leaked a tape. The tape which is titled ‘Tiny leaves T.I so he leaked this tape!’ is being used by cybercriminals to install malicious applications on unaware users their devices.

These schemes have targetted LIL Wayne, Miley Cyrus, Jay Z & Solange, Eminem and Rick Ross.

OMG! Tiny & Floyd Mayweather tape leaked by someone today

[LEAKED TAPE] Tiny leaves T.I so he leaked this tape!

The ‘Tiny leaves T.I. so he leaked this tape!’ video is a malicious video which will lure the unaware users to a malicious website. Once the users land on the malicious ‘Tiny leaves T.I.’ website, they will be requested to share and like the malicious website. Once they have shared and like the malicious website, they will be redirected to another website, which will serve a malicious application or survey.