Leaked private tape of Obama and Michelle

Hackers claim to have stolen the private tape of Obama and Michelle. The hackers claim that the video will show you personal moments of Obama and Michelle. A while ago the tape of President Obama was leaked, the footage would show how President Obama would be working out in the gym.

The hackers which claim to have uploaded the private tape of Obama and Michelle are using the footage to spread a scam on Facebook.

The scam will redirect unaware users to a malicious website. The website will then demand the users to share the leaked tape of Obama and Michelle on their social media timeline.

Once it has been shared on the timeline, the user will be redirected to a website which will try to serve malicious surveys and ads.

The ads are often loaded with malware which will enable the hacker to control the infected machine. The surveys are used by the hackers to generate a solid online revenue. This revenue will be used to craft new scams and hoaxes.

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