Leaked Malware source code samples of famous Botnets [download]

This list contains a collection of malware source codes that have been leaked to the public. These sets can be used for educational purposes and I strongly think that it should be investigated by each person that is interested in the malware field.

The collection allows you to see how cybercriminals generate malware samples and maintain command and control over their infected clients.

  1. Alina Spark (Point of Sales Trojan)
  2. Bleeding Life 2 (Exploit Pack)
  3. Carberp (Botnet)
  4. Carberp (Banking Trojan)
  5. Crimepack 3.1.3 (Exploit Pack)
  6. Dendroid (Android Trojan)
  7. Dexter v2 (Point of Sales Trojan)
  8. Eda2, Stolich, Win32.Stolich (Ransom)
  9. Sednit, Fancy Bear, APT28, Sofacy, Strontium (Gmail C2C)
  10. FlexiSpy (Spyware)
  11. Fuzzbunch (Exploit Framework)
  12. GMBot (Android Trojan)
  13. Gozi-ISFB – (Banking Trojan)
  14. Grum (Spam Bot)
  15. Hacking Team RCS (Remote Control System)
  16. Hidden Tear (Ransom)
  17. KINS (Banking Trojan)
  18. Mirai (IoT Botnet)
  19. Pony 2.0 (Stealer)
  20. PowerLoader (Botnet)
  21. RIG Front-end (Exploit Kit)
  22. Rovnix (Bootkit)
  23. Tinba (Tiny ASM Banking Trojan)
  24. TinyNuke, Nuclear Bot, Micro Banking Trojan, NukeBot (Banking Trojan)
  25. Trochilus, RedLeaves (RAT)
  26. ZeroAccess (Toolkit for ZeroAccess/Sirefef v3)
  27. Zeus (Banking Trojan)

Some of the source codes above have been used in global attacks. Use the code wisely and only use it for education purposes. Have fun.