Leaked: GCHQ Middle Eastern Spy Base

Edward Snowden has revealed a GCHQ Middle Eastern Spy base. The leaks from Edward Snowden bring forward new codenames.

The leaks from Snowden reveal how the GCHQ wanted to tap new international optical fibre cables.

The BT ‘Remedy’ engineer teams would then be hired to install the taps and probes which allowed the GCHQ spy agency to spy on the users of the mentioned connections.

GCHQ Middle Eastern Spy base

Edward Snowden leaked various documents to journalists, these journalists found out that the report, stated that the GCHQ pays internet companies to perform actions on their internet users and clients.

According to documents revealed by Edward Snowden to journalists including Glenn Greenwald among others, the intelligence agency annually pays selected companies tens of millions of pounds to run secret teams which install hidden connections which copy customers’ data and messages to the spooks’ processing centres.

GCHQ contacts companies to install optical fibre taps or probes

The GCHQ-contracted companies also install optical fibre taps or “probes” into equipment belonging to other companies without their knowledge or consent.

Sensitive Relationship Team in GCHQ

Within GCHQ, each company has a special section called a “Sensitive Relationship Team” or SRT.

BT, VODAFONE and C&W partner in spying with GCHQ

The Register reports that BT, Vodafone and C&W provide optical fibre communications networks throughout the UK, installed and paid for by GCHQ, NSA or the NTAC (National Technical Assistance Centre.

BT and Vodafone/C&W also operate extensive long distance optical fibre communications networks throughout the UK, installed and paid for by GCHQ, NSA, or by a third and little known UK intelligence support organization called the National Technical Assistance Centre (NTAC).

New leaked codenames

  • Codename Remedy
  • Codename Gerontic
  • Codename Streetcar
  • Codename Pinnage
  • Codename Tempora


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