Korean Hacker leaks personal information of 220 million people

A massive leak has been identified by the Korean Authorities. A 24 year old hacker named Kim and his team of 15 other hackers, obtained access to a massive database which held the information of 27 million people. The South Jeolla Provincial Police Agency claimed that they have arrested the alleged cybercriminals.

According to police, Kim reportedly received 220 million personal information items, including the names, resident registration numbers, account names and passwords, of the 27 million people from a Chinese hacker he met in an online game in 2011.

The police said Kim is believed to have earned about 400 million won ($390,919) hacking into six major games in Korea, then giving 130 million won to the Chinese hacker and taking the rest for himself.

The authorities are looking into how the leaked personal information was circulated and are also pursuing seven other suspects, including the hacker in China.

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