Russian Killnet Hacking Group targets Baltic Intelligence Agencies

The pro-Russian hacking group Killnet has announced on their Telegram channel that they will attack state security committees and intelligence departments of various Baltic countries.

In their post, they call for cyberattacks on:

  • Estonia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Moldova

Congratulations to all scouts of Russia on a great holiday! In honor of you, we will make some noise in the rotten Baltic! ➡️Attack on the State Security Committees and intelligence departments of the Baltic countries.

Translation of the Killnet TG post

At this moment, the Killnet telegram post has been viewed 34.8K times.

The TG on the Killnet channel showing the attack list

The Killnet hacking group, is pro-Russia and they mainly perform denial of service attacks on governments and private companies.

Killnet formed around March 2022, the hacking group has a Telegram channel, on which they share targets and pro-Russian messages. The Telegram channel currently holds 91 thousand subscribers.

On the 4th of November, Killnet carried out various DDoS attacks against airports located in The United States.

The Killnet post on Telegram showing the cyber attacks on US airports

Attacks on CIA

The Russian Hacking Group also called their subscribers to navigate to the CIA website and fill forms with fake information. This seems more like bullying, then an actual cyber attack.

Future of Killnet

The Killnet Hacking Group remains active. For now, in terms of impact, I don’t have any data to state that their cyber attacks are effective in terms of damage.

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