Kiddies: Police arrested two hackers which were tunneling money to their own bank accounts

A 28-year-old Iranian hacker and a 26-year-old Polish hacker have been arrested in Delft, The Netherlands after they had been tunneling hacked money to their own private and personal banking accounts.

The hackers had obtained access to at least 77 companies by using Remote Access Trojans that were attached to malicious e-mails. The Iranian and Polish hacker had been using social engineering techniques to trick unaware users into installing malware on business devices.

The Remote Access Trojan allowed the hackers to fully control the infected device. This would allow them to start the webcam, microphone and much more.

The hackers were using a method which allowed them to change the accounts numbers of banking transfers. At the moment someone would make a money transfer, they would change the banking account of the recipient.

The Dutch Police has arrested both of them, and you can find the Dutch official report here.

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