Katana: The Google Dork scanner

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Katana-ds (ds for dork_scanner) is a simple python tool that automates Google Hacking/Dorking and supports Tor. It becomes a more powerful in combination with GHDB.


The principle behind Katana-ds is fairly simple. Google indexes web pages and as much relevant information associated with them as possible. But sometimes Google indexes more of your web page than you know and want. The indexed information can therefore also contain sensitive information. Hackers use advanced queries to discover this information.

These advanced queries are called “Google Dorks”.

Usage :

cd Katana
python3 kds.py -h (for help)
Options :
-g :for google mode
-s :for scada mode
-t :for tor mode
-p :for proxy mode

What’s new in Katana-ds V1.5.3 :

  • No need to set the TLD in google Mode
  • No need to set the TLD in Scada Mode
  • More Scada Results (after adding More dorks)
  • Partially solved the HTTP Errors
  • Proxy Mode will display 100 proxy server each time

Why is it free

The code has been published on Github, and you can view the code and adjust as you wish.

Download Katana


Share this with people that should know this: