Kaspersky OpenTIP

The Kaspersky OpenTIP has just been released to the public. The open Threat Intelligence Portal is claimed to be a public tool for security experts and security analysts.

Read the news from Eugene Kaspersky

The OpenTIP provides API access

First, did you know you could use the API to send artifacts for testing? You can integrate OpenTIP into your analysis processes whichever way you find quick and convenient. In addition to unlimited quantities of files, you can also test other suspicious artifacts such as URLs, IPs, and hashes.


You can submit URLs, IPs and hashes, and in order, you will get a report back from them.

screenshot of the page which allows you to view the submitted public samples
screenshot of the page which allows you to view the submitted public samples

Raw strings for binaries

Second, for executable files, in addition to the verdict about which contents seem suspicious, OpenTIP now supplies more raw material for analysis, by which I mean not only data about the structure of PE files, but also text strings extracted from them.


Kaspersky OpenTIP

In this short tutorial, we will show you how to register to the Kaspersky OpenTIP environment.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

In this short tutorial, you will learn in 3 steps, how to login into the OpenTIP service of Kaspersky.

  1. Navigate to the OpenTIP page

    Navigate to the official OpenTIP page.Kaspersky opentip step 1

  2. Navigate to sign up page of Kaspersky

    It can be hard to find the sign-up page. Navigate to the official sign up page of Kaspersky, and create a new account.create account at kaspersky step 2

  3. Head to the openTIP site

    Navigate to the official openTIP website, and login with your credentials.

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