Karakurt Hacking team hits San Benito school district

CYBERWARZONE – The Karakurt hacking team has breached the San Benito school district. In total 379GB of data has been stolen from the school district.

When visiting the website, visitors are faced with the error which states that “sbcisd.net” is an unknown domain. It is highly likely that this is caused by the Karakurt hacking team breach.

Error shown on sbcisd.net website

The Karakurt hacking team wrote a message on Telegram, in which they state that they now offer parents to see the real grades of the students.

Karakurt Hacking team message on Telegram

The Karakurt DLS contains files which have been leaked from the school district. According to the DLS, an average of 379GB has been stolen from the San Benito school district.

San Benito School on the Karakurt DLS

Some weeks ago, the Karakurt hacking team mentioned on their Telegram channel, that they are actively looking for new members to join. This attack might have been the result of new members joining the hacking team.

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