Karakurt Hacking team is seeking for new members

CYBERWARZONE – The Karakurt data extortion gang has announced on their Telegram channel that they are seeking for new members. They state that they have been silent for more than a year, but that they are now actively seeking for new members to join the Karakurt hacking team which is known for hacking companies and then demanding ransom. The ransom from their previous attacks ranged from 25000 to 1.3 million dollar in Bitcoin.

Karakurt isn’t a typical ransomware gang, in their attacks, they didn’t take the effort to encrypt data, instead, they would steal the data, and demand ransom from the victim.

In their recruitment post they call for employees which don’t like their current employer, they call for pentesters and financial experts.

The Karakurt Recruitment Telegram post

The Karakurt team is glad to annouce some news. More than a year in private mode, but now we open the great recruitment! You can join our honorable mission – to make companies pay for the existing gaps in their cyber-security and for the inaction of their IT staff.

So, our dear hack lovers, what we have for you:

🔹 Are you an experienced pentester and for some reason do not want to work with ransomware operators? You can find a better place in our team.

🔹 Do you work for a company that you hate with all your heart? Or maybe your boss fired you but forgot to turn off your network access? You can find solace in our arms.

🔹 You are a bearer of a sacred knowledge of malware coding? Disassembling? Exploit developing? The Karakurt team is ready to set interesting and non-trivial tasks for research, implementation of specialized software and modification of toolkits.

🔹 Are you from the financial industry? Do you know how to make money on quotes of companies whose shares are in poor condition? Know how to sell data in a specific market? We will hug you and love you more than anyone has ever loved you.

🔹 Are you from a data recovery company and know us? Let's be friends. Maybe even best friends.

🔹 Do you have social engineering experience? There is also a vacancy.

🔹 Want to take revenge on capitalism through cyberspace? We will find you both a vacancy and a psychologist.

🔹 Perhaps you are a crazy researcher? We are really waiting for you, bro.

The best hacker group Karakurt is waiting for you, our dear hack lover 😉.

You can contact us through the contact form:
[Link redacted]
Karakurt Hacking Team video by Cyberwarzone — made for the YT channel
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