Kali Linux cheat sheet

If you use keep losing that Kali Linux command, then this Kali Linux cheat sheet might help you forward.

This cheat sheet contains basic commands, file system commands, networking commands, system commands and many other commands which you can use on Kali Linux.

Basic Commands

?help menu
backgroundmoves the current session to the background
bgkillkills a background meterpreter script
bglistprovides a list of all running background scripts
bgrunruns a script as a background thread
channeldisplays active channels
closecloses a channel
exitterminates a meterpreter session help menu
helphelp menu
interactinteracts with a channel
irbgo into ruby scripting mode
migratemoves the active process to designated PID
quitterminates the meterpreter session
readreads the data from a channel
runexecutes the meterpreter script designated after it
useloads a meterpreter script
writewrites data to a channel

File System Commands

catread and output to stdout the contents of a file
cdchange directory on the victim
deldelete a file on the victim
downloaddownload a file from the victim system to the attacker system
editedit a file with vim
getlwdprint the local directory
getwdprint working directory
lcdchange local directory
lpwdprint local directory
lslist files in current directory
mkdirmake a directory on the victim system
pwdprint working directory
rmdelete a file
rmdirremove directory on the victim system
uploadupload a file from the attacker system to the victim

Networking Commands

ipconfigdisplays network interfaces with key information including IP address, etc
portfwdforwards a port on the victim system to a remote service
routeview or modify the victim routing table

System Commands

clearavclears the event logs on the victim’s computer
drop_tokendrops a stolen token
executeexecutes a command
getpidgets the current process ID (PID)
getprivsgets as many privileges as possible
getuidget the user that the server is running as
killterminate the process designated by the PID
pslist running processes
rebootreboots the victim computer
reginteract with the victim’s registry
rev2selfcalls RevertToSelf() on the victim machine
shutdownshuts down the victim’s computer
steal_tokenattempts to steal the token of a specified (PID) process
sysinfogets the details about the victim computer such as OS and name

User Interface Commands

enumdesktopslists all accessible desktops
getdesktopget the current meterpreter desktop
idletimechecks to see how long since the victim system has been idle
keyscan_dumpdumps the contents of the software keylogger
keyscan_stopstarts the software keylogger when associated with a process such as Word or browser
screenshotgrabs a screenshot of the meterpreter desktop
set_desktopchanges the meterpreter desktop
uictlenables control of some of the user interface components

Privilege Escalation Commands

getsystemuses 15 built-in methods to gain sysadmin privileges

Password Dump Commands

hashdumpgrabs the hashes in the password (SAM) file

Timestomp Commands

timestompmanipulates the modify, access, and create attributes of a file

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