Kali Linux and Armitage

The Kali Linux environment provides a lot of tools which allow security professionals to audit environments and networks, but it is sometimes very hard for new users to get the tools running as they should run.

In this tutorial we will take a look on how to start the Armitage environment in the most easiest way, you will only need to create a script on your Desktop which will start the armitage application for you and the required services.

The following script will also update and upgrade your Kali Linux and Armitage application to the latest versions.

How to create the Armitage script

Please follow the instructions which are provided next to create a Armitage script on your Desktop. Please head to the console and click on it, once the terminal/console has been opened, type in the following command:

  • cd Desktop/ [ENTER]

Now your console will be in the Desktop folder, the next command which we will need to enter is the next one, this will open the editor.

  • sudo nano myscript [ENTER]

A new window will open, and in that window, we will need to write the following text:

#! /bin/bash

echo “upgrade Kali and start Armitage”

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo service postgresql start

sudo service metasploit start

sudo armitage

After you have copied the text in the new file, we will need to press the following commands:

  • CTRL + X + Yes (To Safe File) [ENTER]

Now close everything and head to your console. In your console type “cd Desktop/ [ENTER]” and then do “sudo bash myscript [ENTER]”. Enjoy your Kali Linux Armitage tool 🙂

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