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Justin Bieber fans shocked after they heard JB has aids

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Justin Bieber fans are in shock. The message is spreading, that Justin Bieber has become the victim of the aids virus.

The Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is also known as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. 

HIV is found in the body fluids of an infected person (semen and vaginal fluids, blood and breast milk). The virus is passed from one person to another through blood-to-blood and sexual contact.

In addition, infected pregnant women can pass HIV to their babies during pregnancy, delivering the baby during childbirth, and through breast feeding.

justin bieber aids hoax
justin bieber aids hoax

The fans of Justin Bieber can relax, the message which is being shared on social media networks is a hoax. Justin Bieber is fine and he does not have the HIV/AIDS virus. The hackers are luring unaware users to the malicious website which will demand the user to share the website on their social media account.

Once the user has shared the website, the user will be redirected to another website which will try to serve a malicious survey. Hackers often use a combination of malicious surveys and applications as this will increase their infection rate.

Once the hackers have infected their victims, they will  be able to generate a online revenue. The hacker will also be able to control the infected device.

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Share this with people that should know this: