Justin Bieber Died 2015: Just another Internet death hoax

Various internet hoaxes have been launched on social media networks which claim that Justin Bieber has died after he was involved in a series of accidents and terrible events. The internet hoaxes are trying to lure Justin Bieber fans to (malicious) websites to raise the Google Ranking of the websites or to infect unaware Justin Bieber fans with malware and trojans.

The “Justin Bieber Died 2015” hoaxes on the internet are often launched via “joke” websites like FakeAWish. The websites allow their users to create fake content on the pages which will look like genuine messages if done right. The websites like FakeAWish believe in the fact that you can use these types of hoaxes and messages to bring a laugh on certain people’s faces.

Justin Bieber death hoax in 2014
Justin Bieber death hoax in 2014

R.I.P. Justin Bieber

If we had to believe these Internet Hoaxes, then Justin Bieber must be a mummy or some kind of demon, because he has survived dozens of deathly attacks and accidents, but the fact is that he is not death, until his family or relatives confirm this.

Scammers and hoaxers have launched dozens of Justin Bieber has died posts on the internet. The Internet Death hoaxes contain various titles and descriptions.