Judge rejects hacker excuse of suspect

The Rotterdam District Court in [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The Netherlands has rejected the defense of a suspect which claimed that a hacker had hacked his computer[/inlinetweet] to leave pirated content on the computer for years.

On the computer of the male, various illegal pictures were found (yes, it is what you think it is), the man did claim that he did surf the internet for such content, but that he had never downloaded such content to his computer.

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According to the defendant there was talk of hacking. Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) examined the computers. Their research showed the court that it is more likely that illegal content is posted by the suspect on the computer, then that it was done by a hacker.

The NFI expert stated at the hearing that;

There was malware on the computer and it could be used to gain access to the computer.

The judge also found it highly unlikely that a targeted computer hacker infiltrated the defendant solely in order to ‘secure’ files, while these files could be detected and removed by the defendant at any time.

The court also stated that it is even more unlikely is that a hacker would do it over a period of nearly four years. The court also stated that it is important to note that the files were stored in subfolders which were created under a folder which contained the initials of the suspect.

The man was eventually sentenced to a suspended sentence of six months, community service of 240 hours and participation in a treatment program.

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