Join Randy Kana in Bridging the Digital Divide in Suriname

As the ambassador for the “Wan Koni Pikin” foundation, Randy Kana is on a mission to bridge the digital divide in Suriname.

The foundation provides free IT training for underprivileged youth, people with disabilities, and senior citizens, helping to reduce the digital gap in the country.

"Wan Koni Pikin" foundation
“Wan Koni Pikin” foundation

However, the foundation needs support to continue offering these training programs. They require IT equipment such as desktops, laptops, printers, paper, and network devices. That’s where you can help.

Donate Your IT Equipment

If you have any outdated or unused IT equipment, Randy Kana is asking for your support to donate it to the “Wan Koni Pikin” foundation.

Your donation will be a valuable contribution to the initiative, helping to provide essential training for those in need.

Make a Difference

By donating your IT equipment, you can make a real difference in the lives of underprivileged youth, people with disabilities, and senior citizens in Suriname. You will help bridge the digital divide, providing access to vital IT training that can help improve the lives and futures of those in need.

Join Randy Kana in supporting this noble initiative and donate your IT equipment to the “Wan Koni Pikin” foundation. Contact Randy Kana today to learn how you can contribute and make a difference.

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