How to join the Ghana armed forces

Yes, the Ghana Armed Forces. A lot of people in Ghana are wondering on how they can join the Ghana Armed forces. These people want to join the Ghana armed forces and want to fight the evil which is being done in Ghana. To help the future fighter of Ghana, I have created this tutorial which shows how you can join the Ghana Armed Forces and what you should consider when you want to join the (any) armed force.

First things first. If you are interested in joining the Ghana Armed forces, make sure that you are fit.

Have a good condition and be healthy. Once you are prepared, you can search for the application forms to join the Ghana Armed Forces.

Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) is the unified armed force of Ghana, consisting of the Army (GA), Navy (GN), and Air Force (GHF) military branches of the GAF.

You can find the application form for the Ghana Armed Forces here.

Designated Post Offices countrywide

as indicated on the Ghana Armed Forces advertisement

Do remember, that if you want to join the Ghana Armed forces. The army will demand that you will be responsible for your own transportation, feeding and accommodation throughout the training.

Be aware of scammers which claim to be a “middleman”. The Ghana armed forces does not use “middleman”. If you find someone which is “selling” applications, then you can inform a agent so he will be prosecuted.

If you are searching for good groups to join. I can recommend the Facebook group “Ghana Armed Forces”. You can find the Ghana Armed Forces Facebook group here.

This is the official Ghana Armed Forces website 


If you do not see the application at the moment. Then keep refreshing the page until it shows.

We are still searching for the application file.


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