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Yes, you have read that correctly. The cyber security jobs which are listed here are often jobs located in The Netherlands, The United States, England and Germany. The reason behind this is the fact that we have a close relation with cyber security companies that are based in the countries mentioned.

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Jobs in the cybersecurity and cyberwarfare field

Why a job via Cyberwarzone

Well, it is easy, we do not simply allow any company to publish their vacancy here, we only list companies here that we know personally. The team behind cyberwarzone is not massive, but the network is, and from all the companies that exist, we only trust a selected few. Each vacancy that you will see on the jobs listing has been handpicked to be listed.

Each vacancy has been handpicked

In the listing below, you will get a view of cyber security and cyber warfare related jobs and vacancies.

The jobs which we list can be:

  • Freelance
  • Full time
  • Internship
  • Part Time
  • Temporary

The main types of jobs which you can find here are:

  1. Auditing jobs
  2. Malware Analyst jobs
  3. Security Officer jobs
  4. Security Operation Center Jobs
  5. Security auditor
  6. Security analyst
  7. Chief information security officer
  8. Security consultant
  9. Security engineer
  10. Security architect
  11. Incident responder
  12. Computer forensics expert
  13. Penetration tester
  14. Security software developer
  15. Cyber Predictive Intelligence Liason
  16. Cyber Security Officer
  17. Cyber Warfare Engineer
  18. Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist
  19. Cyber Analysis Support Specialist
  20. Information Technology Specialist
  21. Cyber Warfare Analyst
  22. Cyber Intelligence Analyst Associate
  23. Cyber Metrics/ Trends Analyst
  24. Network Penetration Tester
  25. Cryptologic Technician Networks
  26. Cryptologic Technician Technical
  27. Cryptologic Technician Maintenance
  28. Cryptologic Technician Collection
  29. Cryptologic Technician Interpretive

*Do note that we are not limited to these job categories.