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JIBO Home Robot goes viral on IndieGoGo

JIBO is the perfect robot for everyone in the family. Because JIBO is an open platform, his skills and applications will grow, helping and delighting in ways even we haven’t even imagined.

How JIBO Works


  1. Follow JIBO’s instructions to connect him to your WiFi network
  2. Teach JIBO to recognize your face & voice
  3. Learn what you can ask JIBO to do
  4. Download the JIBO mobile app (Android & iOS) to connect JIBO to your mobile devices

Connect to Devices
Your JIBO Network can include:

  • Mobile devices
  • Personal computers
  • Other JIBOs
The JIBO Store
Expand your JIBO’s skills or customize his abilities through purchasing items from the JIBO Store. You will also be able to buy other physical accessories to make your JIBO unique. The JIBO Store will launch before the first JIBOs ship in Q3 of 2015.


jibo 7 jibo 6 jibo 5 jibo 4 jibo 3 jibo 2 jibo

Project: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jibo-the-world-s-first-family-robot

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