Ukrainian JabberZeus cybercriminal arrested in Geneva

CYBERWARZONE – A prominent figure of a cyber gang was allegedly arrested in Geneva, which stole tens of millions with the “JabberZeus” banking Trojan. The Federal Office of Justice confirms that a Ukrainian is in extradition custody.

The 40-year-old Ukrainian leader of the notorious “JabberZeus Crew” was arrested by the police in Geneva.

According to research done by Brian Krebs, JabberZeus it is a small but powerful group from Ukraine and Russia that attacks its victims with customized versions of the Zeus banking Trojan. The members of the hacking group are wanted by the FBI. It is believed that the JabberZeus hacking team has stolen 70 million dollars from companies with their criminal campaigns.

According to BleepingComputer, the arrested man was also one of the managers of the Maze and Egregor ransomware operations. Maze ransomware popularized “double extortion” attacks, in which hackers also stole data and used it as leverage to pressure victims into paying a ransom. Maze was later renamed to ransomware operations Egregor and Sekhmet to avoid prosecution.

The group is said to have primarily hacked small and medium-sized companies in the United States of America and Western Europe and plundered company accounts. JabberZeus malware is developed by the alleged author of Zeus Trojan – Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, a top Russian cybercriminal. It is a special version of the notorious banking Trojan. The name comes from the instant messaging service Jabber, which was integrated into the malware.

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