Israeli Operation ‘Iron Swords’ Sets To Push Back Hamas attack

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Israeli Naval Ships destroy Hamas Speedboats

The Israeli Navy recently destroyed several Hamas speedboats that were attempting to cross into southern Israel.

Hezbollah Warns of Involvement in War if IDF Launches Ground Invasion of Gaza

Lebanon’s Hezbollah has informed Egypt that it will join the war if the Israel Defense Force (IDF) opts for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Operation Iron Swords

Footage of IDF clearing Sderot

Israel’s National Security Council Approves Ground Operations in Gaza

The approval by Israel’s National Security Council for ground operations in Gaza is a milestone that could have far-reaching implications. This move has the potential to dramatically change the dynamics of the ongoing conflict.

Hamas “Rajum” missile system

Hamas reveals its home made 114 mm short-range “Rajum” missile system, which was used by Palestinians against Israel.

Note to Our Readers

At Cyberwarzone, we wish to make it abundantly clear that we condemn any harm done to civilians in any conflict, including the ongoing tensions involving Israel, Gaza, and other regional players like Hezbollah. We believe that the loss of innocent lives is a tragedy that should be avoided at all costs.

We stand in support of peaceful resolutions and diplomatic dialogue. Our platform backs anyone who believes in “peace talks” as the preferred method for conflict resolution, rather than the use of weapons or engaging in warfare.

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