Israeli Iron Dome missile shield under direct threat after hack on Iron Dome makers

The Israeli Iron Dome construction is a very detailed and secret operation. The persons which hold possible information about the Iron Dome, have been hacked by a group which is linked to the Chinese government. The hackers obtained hundreds of documents which are related to the Iron Dome missile shield.

The Iron Dome system is maintained by Elisra group, Israel Aerospace industries and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

The targets of the online attacks were top military contractors Elisra Group, Israel Aerospace Industries[ISRAI.UL], and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The companies built the system that now partially insulates Israel from rocket barrages fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli and U.S. officials have said Iron Dome systems are responsible for shooting down more than 90 percent of the rockets they have engaged, while ignoring missiles on a trajectory to fall wide. That accounts for about a fifth of the rockets Israel has said Palestinian militants have fired into the country during the Gaza Strip crisis.

Rubin speculated that if the Comment Crew hacking group’s purpose was to steal the missile system plans, it was likely that China wanted to obtain technology on the cheap rather that reselling it to other nations. “If the Chinese really did it, maybe we shall see a Chinese Iron Dome in the future,”

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