Israeli Banks and Postal Service Temporarily Downed in Cyberattack

An attack on Israeli bank websites and the postal service during Iran’s Quds Day led to a temporary service outage.

The Anonymous Sudan group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Unsophisticated Cyberattack Causes Limited Damage

According to experts at Check Point Software Technologies, the attack was unsophisticated, and the damage was limited.

The hackers used a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack to bombard the sites with heavy traffic.

Normal Operations Resumed After Brief Outages

Although the attacks intermittently disrupted the sites, regular activity resumed shortly after.

The Bank of Jerusalem website informed users that it was updating the site, while the Israel Post website shut down, returned to service, and then crashed again.

Anonymous Sudan Group Claims Responsibility

The Anonymous Sudan group, which has actively participated in recent cyberattacks on Israel, claimed responsibility for the attack.

A Telegram channel they operate posted a list of targets for the attack, including the Israeli banks and the postal service.

Anonymous Sudan on Telegram

Common Occurrence During Quds Day

Quds Day is marked annually on the last Friday of Ramadan, and attacks on Israeli websites during this period have become common.

Hacker groups focus their efforts on attacking Israeli websites during Quds Day.

However, Israel’s National Cyber Directorate stated that the attack attempts were limited to marketing sites and were not connected to the internal systems of the banks.

The Anonymous Sudan Telegram channel

Their Telegram channel can be found here:
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