Israel Wiretapped John Kerry’s phone during Middle East Peace Talk

Israeli secret services has apparently intercepted The U.S. Secretary of State Kerry Middle Eastpeace negotiations phone calls,Accroding to German Media SPIEGEL.

During last year as State Secretary John Kerry mediated between Israel and Palestinians and Arab states at least one of Israeli secret services used eavesdropping devices and methods to intercept the information in negotiating a diplomatic solution to the Middle East.

Accroding intelligence have seen by SPIEGEL and confirmed by several sources eavesdropping devices and methods,listened to unencrypted signals transmitted via satellite and wiretap encrypted lines also ordinary phones.

Israeli firm’s Pegasus software enables governments to track smartphone users and remotely operate its camera.


Isareli newspaper post Feb 17, 2014

Israeli firm NSO, which makes intelligence collection tools that enable governments to snoop on smartphones — or even take them over — will be bought out by an American-based private equity firm, with offices in London and the U.S., for between $120 million and $130 million. The deal is contingent on approval from Israel’s Defense Ministry.

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