Israel, Palestine and the rest of the world – SHAME ON US

Delete Israhell, Wipe-out Palestine, We want Nazi’s back and more. This are the messages which you will see, once you login at social media networks. How many times, do we need to ‘fight’ over a piece of land on Earth?! Why don’t we realize, that the human species needs to work together to survive. The world has been raging over countries, etnicies and religions, and for what? Money.

The type of money, which will never land in your pocket, the type of land which you will never get. The type of war which will influence your children and future.

Lets go ┬áback to the time, where we were just kids. Did the origin of our friends influence our actions? We did not play hide and seek, with the kids from the neighborhood? Exactly, war has been indoctrinated in our minds, and believe me when I say this – after several years of research in the cyber and intelligence field, i can say that there has not been a winner once.

Because you do not win a war, you win a battle.

I truly love the video above. The video shows clearly, how all the ‘groups’ have their own dreams. And that they want to make their own dream come true. But what about the dream of the human race? That dream is being neglected.