Islamic hackers damage thousands of French domains in opFrance

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The Islamic AnonGhost hacking team has been performing cyber attacks on French domains since 07-01-2015 and the affected domains are starting to become visible in the French population. Various French news sites have published reports on the attacks which are being performing by the known AnonGhost team.

The team has a history of attacks on Western domains and groups. The AnonGhost team has dared Anonymous various times to show a real hack and it as you can imagine the beef between Anonymous and AnonGhost is still active.


The #opFrance operation has been targeting French and Western domains, the AnonGhost team has send Cyberwarzone a list of claimed #opFrance defaced and hacked sites . You can find the list here.

When we have the time, we do some interviews with some aggressive hacking teams. This time we were able to perform a small interview with AnonGhost member Mauritania Attacker. You can find the interview below:

Is AnonGhost the only team which has been performing attacks in #opFrance?

*AnonGhost Launched The Operation #OpFrance and we are not the only Team inside , some Teams are Attacking with us.

What are you attacking in #opFrance?

*We are attacking everything and we focus on Gov France and many surprises are coming, also we are trying to erase them , like we did for Israel on 7 April 2013 #Opisrael and it is happening and loading…

From where is AnonGhost performing these attacks on French domains?

*Everywhere! (No Comment)

What is the reason for the attacks on France and why do you only target French domains?

*The reason for the attacks on France is because France are racist and they abuse other religions with their stupid democracy and no limits , we don’t call this a democracy , imagine if some Muslims take France flag and burn it and burn a church, how France is going to act!

Which types of attacks are you performing in #opFrance?

*Web Hacking,PC Hack,Phreaking,Social Medias Hack and many other Types.

What are you planning for 2015

Our Plan for 2015 is to launch a huge attack on France and in the same time we going to do same with Israel on the 7 april 2015.

When will these attacks take place?

*The attacks will be 24/7…

The defaced list page provides the following hacker nicknames which are active with OpFrance:

  1. Mauritania Attacker
  2. Virusa worm
  3. Dr_SAMIM
  4. Man Rezpector
  5. AnonxoxTn
  6. V0RT3X
  7. Mr.Domoz
  8. HusseiN98D
  9. Mauriitania K!ll3r
  10. CoderSec
  11. Mrlele
  12. Don Maverick RevCrew
  13. Extazy007 -Black Cracker
  14. hAxOr tr0jAn
  15. Mr.Ajword
  16. X-Wanted
  17. BillGate
  18. M-c0d3r
  19. n0name-hax0r
  20. rummykhan
  21. Donnazmi
  22. Th3_r3b0rn
  23. Psyco_hacker
  24. TIto Sfaxieno
  25. Stingerbyte
  26. Ghostralia
  27. Red Hell Sofyan
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