The Islamic Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack

Our mind and hearth is with the people that have been injured or affected by the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist attack. The Charlie Hebdo satire magazine company has been assaulted by persons which claim to be Islamic soldiers. The TERRORISTS have taken the lives of 12 people which were active for the Charlie Hebdo satire magazine. The chief editor of the Charlie Hebdo has been assasinated in the Charlie Hebdo Islamic terrorist attack.

The terrorists were shouting Allahu Akbar

A couple of videos have been released on the internet which claim to show the terrifying Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. We have watched two videos and in the first video it is clearly visible how the Charlie Hebdo terrorists murder a French police officer on the street.

Islamic attack France

The shots which were fired by the Charlie Hebdo terrorists were so loud that they are clearly hearable on the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack videos which have been leaked.

The Dutch news is claiming that the Chief editor was aware of the possible attack on Charlie Hebdo, but he did not expect the attack to take place.

Islamic attack France 1

At a synagogue in a suburb of Paris, a car burned, possibly after an explosion. On Twitter, you can see pictures of the burning car in the town of Sarcelles.┬áThe mayor of Sarcelles has told the┬áMetro News, the French Underground, that┬áthere was no evidence of an attack. The car caught fire and that was an accident, said Fran├žois Puppon. There would be no connection with the attack in Paris.

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