ISIS recruits (brainwashes)  500 children each week to suicide bombers


Warfare is the devil, ISIS is the devil. ISIS has been active for various years now, and it seems that they are only growing in their tactics to scare Western  civilities. Recently they had published a video, which showed how 500 brainwashed kids were used to “take care” of 25 Syrian soldiers. These kids do not know better, as they ENTIRE environment is controlled by ISIS fanatics. These children are going to be the next generation of “Bin Ladens”. Hardened by early training and murder, and experienced by battle in extreme circumstances.

We have to stop this, and I am not only talking about ISIS. The same goes for Boko Haram, and each other terror organization which is using children to achieve their goals.

I think that those people are PATHETIC. Why would you let a child do a MANS job?! YOU NOT MAN ENOUGH?!


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