ISIS claims to have hacked the Pentagon

An ISIS hacking group has been interviewed by the VICE company, the hacking group which has dubbed itself “Islamic State Hacking Division” claims that they had gained access to Google and the Pentagon databases. The hackers state that they obtained thousands of personal and hidden credentials from the exploited databases. The information which they collected is claimed to be information on United States services members and they claim that the information holds home addresses and personal pictures.

Islamic State Hacking Division on Twitter
Islamic State Hacking Division on Twitter

The hackers which were behind the hack declined the request to provide information on how they hacked the Pentagon and Google environments. This clearly shows that the ISIS hackers are simply using old information or false information. VICE did contact the Pentagon to ask them if they had been breached by the Islamic State Hacking Division, and the Pentagon responded that they had not been breached and that no information had been stolen.

Cyberwarzone gets a lot of requests by hackers to post their successful attacks on the website, one of the questions that we always ask is how they breached the environment and we do a check on the “files” which are claimed to be leaked. The result is often that the hacks are fake and that the (fake) hackers simply want to gain attention for a specific cause.

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