The ISIL / ISIS Cyber Army and other hacking groups

The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Shams (ISIS) has taken control of several cities in Iraq, and they have called on Al-Qaeda and other radical Sunni militants to pledge their alliance.

This alliance comes in many forms and it looks like that ISIS will also have a cyber army in a couple of months as various hacking groups are starting to join the ISIS hacking team.

The AnonGhost hackers have posted a message on Facebook, which claims that they are supporting the ISIS army and their goals. AnonGhost is known for their attacks in #opIsrael, #opPetrol and #opUSA. Now it seems that they want to get involved in the ISIS movement, as they are against the USA.


ISIS Cyber Army

The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Shams (ISIS) has also started a Facebook page which is titled the ‘ISIL CyberArmy’. The page has been setup recently as there is no content on the Facebook page.

ISIS CyberArmy
ISIS CyberArmy

Known social media sites:

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