Is Tutanota a Honeypot for Intelligence Agencies?

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Have you heard about the encrypted email service Tutanota, recently rebranded as Tuta? Well, it’s in the headlines for a startling reason.

A former Canadian intelligence officer, currently on trial for leaking classified information, has made a bold claim. He alleges that Tutanota is a honeypot operation for the intelligence services of the Five Eyes countries – the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Accusation: Tutanota as an Intelligence Gathering Tool

This Canadian official, accused of selling sensitive information from not just Canada, but also from its 5 Eyes partners, supposedly had a revelation. Back in 2014, a colleague from a foreign intelligence agency informed him about a plan.

This plan involved setting up an encrypted email service named Tutanota to collect information on criminals.

The idea was that criminals, drawn to the promise of encrypted communication, would use Tutanota, unwittingly exposing their conversations to intelligence agencies.

Tuta’s Firm Denial

In response to these dramatic claims, Tuta has issued a strong rebuttal. “These allegations against Tuta are baseless,” they assert. Tutanota, according to them, has never been and will never be a front for intelligence operations.

They emphasize their commitment to privacy protection, which stands in stark contrast to the alleged role of a honeypot. Tuta finds it unacceptable that such grave accusations, lacking any solid evidence, can tarnish their reputation.

They criticize the former intelligence officer for throwing Tutanota “under the bus” without substantiating his claims or identifying the “foreign intelligence agency” that supposedly provided this information.

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