Is a Cyberwar Coming?

The Is a Cyberwar Coming? has been published on January 12, 2015 NO. 3 JANUARY 15, 2015 and it researches the field of cyberwar. The cyberwar field is in a constant change and it is important to keep track on the changes that are taking place in the 5th domain. Authors and companies like Li Yan help this purpose.

Is a Cyberwar Coming?

 As 2014 came to a close, the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), also known as North Korea, kicked up a row over the alleged cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, one of the biggest movie producers in the United States. Washington accused Pyongyang of hacking Sony Pictures over a comedy film The Interview, which depicts an assassination attempt on North Korean top leader Kim Jong Un, but Pyongyang has denied involvement, dismissing such claims as “a wild rumor.” The United States pledged to “respond proportionally” to the Sony cyberattack. Days later, North Korea’s Internet and 3G mobile network repeatedly came to a standstill on December 22 and December 28, 2014, including a complete outage lasting about nine hours.


 Is a Cyberwar Coming?


 Li Yan


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 January 12, 2015 NO. 3 JANUARY 15, 2015

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