IRS HACK: 100000 taxpayers records have been accessed by hackers

Reports have been made public which state that the IRS has been hacked by cybercriminals. The reports claim that the cybercriminals had gained access by a online service which was provided by the IRS agency.

IRS hack

It is crazy to read that the IRS has been hacked by cybercriminals, this means that 100000 people or even more are about to see their records being used by cybercriminals which have purchased the stolen records.

The IRS has not made clear if any information has been stolen, and which type of IRS records have been accessed, but we can clearly state that this is a very concercning incident which will leave a lot of opportunities open for cybercriminals to continue their attacks on IRS environments.

— The IRS is still investigating the case. Once more info has been released, we will make sure to publish it on the site.

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