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IronNet Cybersecurity Inc appliance build with the help of Keith Alexander former NSA director

Keith Alexander and IronNet Cybersecurity Inc claim to have patented a unique approach for detecting malicious activities which are produced by hackers and cyber attacks.

The fact that Keith Alexander has gone commercial, will allow foreign companies to obtain information via Keith Alexander or his business partners.

IronNet Cybersecurity INC website

If you are trying to find the IronNet CyberSecurity INC website, then you will have to wait. The IronNet Cybersecurity INC company has not launched a website yet, and it is not certain if they will. So if you are searching for the IronNet CyberSecurity INC website, you will have to hold on, untill they publish the website.

  • http://www.ironnetcybersecurity.com <- not online
  • http://www.ironnetinc.com <- not online

So when did Alexander create this new technology

Foreign policy reports that Keith Alexander developed this new technology in his free and personal time. A friend of Alexander claimed that Keith Alexander addressed any potential infractions before deciding to seek his patents.

But Alexander started his company almost immediately after stepping down from the NSA. As for how much the highly classified knowledge in his head influenced his latest creation, only Alexander knows.

He (IronNet CyberSecurity Inc) will charge 1 million for his services

The retired director of the NSA, shocked many in Washington when it was published that he might charge companies up to $1 million a month to help them protect their computer networks from hackers.

Alexander is believed to be the first ex-director of the NSA to file patents on technology that’s directly related to the job he had in government. He said that he had spoken to lawyers at the NSA, and privately, to ensure that his new patents were “ironclad” and didn’t rely on any work that he’d done for the agency — which still holds the intellectual property rights to other technology Alexander invented while he ran the agency. – foreignpolicy.com

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